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Connect. Ltd.

6 Honcho, Takasaki-city,
Gunma, 370-0813
TEL) +81 027 310 8670
FAX) +81 027 310 8680


Connect. Ltd. is located in Takasaki-city, which is almost the center of Japan. Takasaki-city is well known for its huge statue called "Byakui-kannon" and as Dharma's hometown because Takasaki ranks first in the production of Dharma tumbling doll in Japan.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Kumamoto, Kyushu!

We are watching the situation closely, thinking of you in these very difficult times. Please accept our deepest condolences.

Connect. Ltd.
working people For everyone to get a worthwhile job
We are always challenging to develop new employment opportunities for capable job seekers and improve their labor conditions. Our basic attitude comes from the idea that the workers' motivation comes first.
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